Front Page

Welcome to West Olive Church!

We’re glad you’re visiting us on the web. We hope that by browsing our website you might be able to get a sense of who we are and, through us, who the Lord Jesus Christ is.

In this website you can learn our beliefs, our vision, our ministries, our schedule, and you can even listen to sermons. But we are much more than what can be contained on a website. We are real human beings. We have desires and goals. We have questions about life and the meaning of things going on in our world. We have real relationships and the joys, losses, and struggles that come with loving in a broken world. We struggle to keep our lives in balance. Somewhere along the way a parent, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or someone told us about Jesus and that He offers us a relationship that transforms all of life and fills it with deeper meaning and purpose than we have found through any other means. We have found that to be true over and over as our relationship with Him grows, though none of us would claim that our transformation is complete. Jesus has brought us together from every walk of life to support each other and  give each other courage to take new steps in our relationship with Jesus and each other. If this type of community stirs up a longing or curiosity in you, we want you to know that everyone is welcome at West Olive Church.