We are all on a spiritual journey.  We never arrive at a perfect relationship with God here on earth; therefore, we strongly encourage all adults in our church to find the best ways to keep growing in their relationship with God.  Here are several ways our church offers to help adults grow. For more information on any of these programs, please call the church office at 616-399-1684.

Small Groups

Our small groups, called Lunch Bunches, meet on Sundays at least once per month, September through May, in group member’s homes.  Our groups of 8 to 12 adults meet together to support each other in our desire to grow spiritually, to grow closer to God and to become more like Jesus.  We understand that in order to accomplish these desires we must practice the disciplines of the Christian life such as prayer, Bible reading, commitment, faith, obedience, love, and witnessing.  In our small groups we try to help each other to understand and practice the Christian life supported by a group of people who are attempting to become what God wants them to be.
Although Bible study is a very important part of small groups, our groups are more than that.  We also try to build meaningful relationships, closeness, and trust among group members.  We share the joys, trials, and realities of life, pray with and for each other, and minister to one another, as well as have wonderful fellowship, good food, and fun together.

Gathering Basket Bible Study

This Bible study for women meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 10:00 A.M. Grandmas, single women, young mothers, soccer moms, and empty nesters are all invited. We do intensive study of books of the Bible. Please join us.

Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle is a Bible study and fellowship group for women of all ages. We meet the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, at 7:30 P.M. in the church basement. We begin our meetings with a time of Bible study on topics pertinent to women. At the close of our study, we share prayer requests and then spend time in prayer for each other. Following is a brief “business” meeting at which we discuss events we are organizing. We also have refreshments during this time, which the women take turns providing.
During all the parts of our time together, we share what is going on in our lives in order to get to know each other, laugh together, encourage one another, and show concern for each other as sisters in Christ.  You are welcome to join us!

Men’s Bible Study

Our men’s Bible study meets every other Wednesday morning at 6:30 in the church basement. We focus on a book of the Bible and include discussion using insights and experience drawn from our own lives. Our goal is not to rush through a book of the Bible, but rather to take our time and understand it more deeply, while also building relationship with each other.


Our church library has a variety of books and other media for all ages.  The library is a well used resource at our church for learning, enjoyment, and growth in the Christian life.  We have children’s books and videos that tell about God’s love and teach about Christian values.  Books for preteen boys and girls provide wholesome reading for them.  We also have fiction and non-fiction books for teenagers and adults written by well known Christian authors.  Feel free to come any Sunday before and after our worship services to browse our library which is located in the church basement.

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