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West Olive Church
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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Pastor;
    I’m a pastor of Olive Christian Church of Myanmar ( Burma ) in Asia.
    I’m looking for Olive Church in the world and a see that your church from internet (web side) . I’m very glad to see your church.

    Thanks ;
    Pastor David Kham
    Olive Christian Church
    Yangon City ; Myanmar ( Burma )

    • Dear Pastor Kham,

      It’s wonderful to hear from a brother in Christ! How fun that we have the same name. Thank you for contacting us. May God bless your church and it’s work for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus in Myanmar.

      Pastor Scott DeVries
      West Olive Church
      West Olive town, Michigan, United States

  2. I am a school teacher + pastor in hong kong Pastor David Kham would you like to tell me more about your church in burma?? we are praying for your country here in hongkong

    • Pastor Luther,
      Pastor David Kham can be reached at
      He is at Olive Christian Church in Yangon City; Myanmar. You’ve actually reached West Olive Church in the USA. May God bless your ministry and teaching in Hong Kong.

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